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Need a new Logo Design? How about Advert Design for Facebook Group Marketing?

We've got you covered! From complete Brand Identity Design to simple Web Banner Designs we will help you Get Noticed!

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Graphic Design Solutions - Professional Web & Print Design

What is Graphic Design?

"Graphic Design is the art of combining typographic, illustrative, and photographic elements into a visual communication."


Why Do You Need Professional Graphic Design?

"Our's is a Visual Communication world.  Effective visual communication is fast and in a noisy world getting your communication across quickly is vital."


If you have competition then you need to stand out. Professionally designed marketing materials will help you get noticed!


If you fail to communicate with your target market then you will fail, period. Professional graphic design communicates better.


Consistent branding conveys a sense of being well-established and builds trust! Becoming top-of-mind is earned.

Sell More!

Attention + Communication + Consistency = More Leads!


Communicate Visually...

What Can We Design for You?

Logo Design Sample 3

Logo Design

Need a logo for a new business? Want to bring your current logo back to life?

Brand Identity Design Sample

Brand Identity Design

Complete brand identities from logo to colour palette to brand asset usage manual.

Bix Card Sample 1

Stationery Design

Need a business card design? How about a company letterhead? We've got you covered.

Book Cover Samples

Book Cover Design

Written a corporate ebook or a thousand-page fantast novel? Make sure your cover design is outstanding!

Advertisement Sample 600 2

Ad Banner Design

We design Google Adsense banners, Facebook Group banners, print advertisements, and many other types of adverticement.

Invite Sample 600

Invitation Design

If you are getting married, inviting clients to a product launch event or celebrating a milestone, we can design the invitations.

Step-By-Step from Beginning to End

How does our Graphic Design Process Work?

1. Provide a Design Brief.

A Design Brief is a document given to us, the graphic designers by you, the client.

It outlines the design specifications, the overall design concept, and the intended usage, the design timeline, and goal of the final design that you are requesting from us as graphic designers.

Graphic Design fails most often due to a failure to communicate between client and designer.

It is our responsibility to be upfront with you regarding any issues or shortcomings with your design brief as well as provide recommendations to handle them.

2. Design Scope & Quotation.

The Creative Director now reviews the Design Brief and works out how much time and what design resources, if any, will be required to turn the design concept into a final design. 

It is important that your Design Brief provide as much information and context as possible as well as any required branding guidelines in order to accurately estimate what is needed to complete the project on spec.

We provide exact quotations rather than time estimates to avoid nasty surprises*. If we underestimate the time needed then that is our mistake.

*That said, scope changes made by the client after the quotation has been accepted or changes that are regarded as unreasonable may add additional charges that will be communicated upfront. 

3. Accept or Reject.

Once the Creative Director has provided a Design Estimate, the ball is back in your court.

For many client's, acceptance comes down to cost rather than quality.

However, it is important to realise the cost of having to redo a poor quality graphic design or the cost of a marketing campaign that fails to perform because the graphic design failed to communicate with the target market.

Thus, while the cost will always be a factor, it is more important to base acceptance on confidence that the final design will meet expectations

4. Deposit/ Payment.

Depending on the size and scope of the graphic designs being requested, we may request a deposit with the final payment being due prior to the release of the final files.

For small projects that can be produced faster, full payment may be required.

Once you have made the agreed-upon deposit or payment, a timeline for completing the initial draft design will be provided.

5. Concept to Final Design.

Now your graphic designer goes to work to produce the graphic design you have requested.

Once the draft graphic design is completed you will be able to review it and request changes if required.

The designer will then apply any requested changes and finalise the graphic design and prepare the final files in the required file format.

It is important that you provide your feedback and changes as quickly as possible as this will allow your design to get back to work and complete your designs faster and so avoid delays.

6. Quality Control & Feedback.

Before the final designs are presented to you, we have to complete a quality control checklist. The designs will then be delivered to you once any needed corrections are made.

Once delivered, you will be requested to provide final feedback regarding the quality of the product.

This is a very important process as open communication leads to better design products which benefit both designer and client.

Until we have received your feedback we cannot consider the project to be 100% completed.

We believe in 100% satisfaction and should you not be happy about something then we need to know so that it can be corrected.

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