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Headshot Photography for many people is seen as simply an up-close photo of the face used for social profiles.

Technically speaking, that is an accurate definition of a headshot photo. However, your headshots can and should be a whole lot more.

Your headshot represents you and your personal brand. Even if you are not trying to build a personal brand you have a personal brand nonetheless.

Your headshot is one of the first things people will see when viewing your online profiles. It is like your personal logo that no one else can copy as it is totally unique to you.

Successful companies understand the importance of a quality logo and many companies spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of rands on logo design.


Now, of course, professional headshot photography is not going to cost anywhere near those figures. That said, quality headshot photography does require some investment in terms of both your time and your money.

You see, a 5 or 10-minute photoshoot will give you headshot photos that fit the technical definition of a headshot.

If however, you want the best quality headshots that make you and your personal brand stand out then you will need to spend a bit more time in front of the camera working with your headshot photographer to get the best images possible.

Naturally, taking more time will require a higher investment but remember first impressions count so why settle for average headshot photos.


Headshot Galleries


Basic Headshot Photos

Basic Headshots Gallery Image

Are you on a budget? Do you need headshots for multiple team members?

High volume headshots for large teams.


Personal Brand Headshots

Richelle Chef 001 750 Cropped

Take your headshots to another level. Building a personal brand means quality is important.

Don't settle for average. Choose Outstanding!


Kids Headshots

Asia 001 750

Don't leave your kids out! Modelling headshots, wall canvas, album print?

Memorable children's headshots!

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