PR & Marketing Intelligence, Surveys, Audits & Research

If you want to Get Noticed and Be Heard, you have to start with intelligence gathering. Why is this?

Many organisations, in their hurry to get their products or services to market, fail to take the time to do adequate market research and gather marketing intelligence.

This failure typically results in expensive advertising campaigns that fail to deliver on lead and sales generation expectations. Advertising is expensive when it is not targeted to the right public using the right message.

Shotgun marketing or mass media marketing are commonly used by organisations to reach high volumes of the general public. In trying to reach out to everyone they, in fact, reach almost no one.

Sending out non targeted messages to the general public is what creates 'noise'. 'Noise' is simply communication that has not been clearly thought out and delivered to the right public.

PR & Marketing Intelligence, Surveys, Audits & Research are the means to identifying the right public, their pain points, needs and wants and the best way to reach them.

Communication brings about understanding and response. If your message is not duplicated and understood and you do not get a response back then you have not communicated effectively. If your organisation cannot communicate effectively then your income potential will be low.

Our Intelligence Services

Light Art Studios offers a wide range of customisable Intelligence Services. We use our expertise to do the following and more:


  • Identify the correct publics to target for Public Relations & Marketing campaigns
  • Discover the pain points and emotional buttons that must be used to get your public to hear your message
  • Uncover hidden disagreements or upsets your clients may have that lead to poor client experiences
  • Locate production and delivery issues that result in poor delivery or no delivery


  • Identify search engine keyword patterns that can be used to more effectively target users of search engines
  • Research online content trends and social network engagement to better target publics
  • Review digital properties, content and branding to uncover issues and opportunities for enhancement
  • Find out what clients really think about your brand and products

The fact is if you want to Get Noticed and Be Heard to have to start with Intelligence.

Contact Light Art Studios today! We will help you approach PR & Marketing Intelligently.

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