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Need an Outstanding Headshot for your social profiles? How about a powerful Corporate Portrait?

Light Art Studios is among the top Corporate Headshot & Portrait studios in Johannesburg

Corporate Headshots & Portraits

Event & Wedding Photography

Product & Advertising Photography

Childrens Headshots & Portraits


What is Photography?

"Photography is the art and practice of composing and capturing light to create scenes which communicate the viewpoints desired by the photographer."


Why Do You Need a Professional Photographer?

"Photographs are windows into the past, mirrors of the present and influencers of the future. They shape ideas, stir emotions and capture minds."

Shape Ideas!

Photography is a powerful visual communication media capable of shaping the ideas and perceptions of your customers. People buy with their emotions, invest in photographs that instil the right emotion.

Pro Photography!

Communicating through light takes knowledge of how to compose and shape light. Professional photographers know how to manipulate, and write with light to create the right scene.

Quality Images!

In a world that is increasingly noisy, where cheap and fast are the norm, high-quality stands out that much more. Do you want to be part of the noise or would you rather stand out in high clarity?

Photographs that Speak...

What Do You Want to Communicate with Your Photos?

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Headshot Photography

There is more to a headshot than just a pretty profile picture. A carefully crafted headshot can communicate many things. Do you want to communicate confidence? How about approachability or competence?

Explore the Art of the Headshot...

Corporate Portraits

The portrait opens up new visual communication possibilities. How you dress and carry yourself communicates along with your face. Are you a power executive? Are you a creative entrepreneur? Who are you?

Explore Corporate Headshots
Wedding Event Photography

Events & Weddings

Whether you are hosting a corporate event or getting married, Light Art Studios will be there to capture each moment. What shots do you value most? We are very open to capturing the images you need most.

Step-By-Step from Beginning to End

How does our Photographic Process Work?

1. What Photos do you need?

Get in touch with us to discuss the type of photography coverage you need and the style you are looking for.

2. Photoshoot Quotation.

We will provide you with a quotation which includes the shoot preparations such as make-up, props etc., the photoshoot itself, and full editing requirements.

3. Accept or Reject.

Once you have our quotation, the ball is back in your court.

For many client's, acceptance comes down to cost rather than quality.

While we aim to be competitive, we feel maintaining a high degree of quality is in our clients' best interests as well as our own.

We would rather concentrate on quality work for just a few clients than do sub-standard work for many clients.

4. Deposit/ Payment.

Depending on the size and details of the photographic being requested, we may request a deposit with the final payment being due prior to the actual shoot.

For small photoshoots, full payment will be required.

5. Photoshoot & Editing.

Once the payment details are out of the way it is time to go shoot some beautiful images.

Once your photoshoot has been completed we will supply you with a proofing gallery so that you can select the images you want to be edited*.

Then we get to work editing and preparing your final files or prints.

* Please note proofing galleries are not available for all types of photoshoot.


6. Quality Control & Feedback.

Before the final images are presented to you, we have to complete a quality control checklist. The images will then be delivered to you once any needed corrections are made.

Once delivered, you will be requested to provide final feedback regarding the quality of the product.

This is a very important process as open communication leads to better photographic products which benefit both photographer and client.

Until we have received your feedback we cannot consider the project to be 100% completed.

We believe in 100% satisfaction and should you not be happy about something then we need to know so that it can be corrected.

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