Public Relations

Public Relations Is Your Most Powerful Expansion Tool

If you want to Get Noticed and Be Heard, then you need effective PR to reach the right public with the right message

Public Relations is probably the most misused and underestimated business expansion tool. For many, PR is seen as a tool to be used for attacking others or spreading lies in order to achieve their goals. Factually, PR backfires sooner or later when it is misused.

Public Relations is actually a tool for creating positive relationships. Every organisation has one or more types of public and naturally, business is better when one has a good relationship with ones public.

Light Art Studios is all about helping you create better relationships with your public. This leads to better service for them and greater revenue for you. We know how to use PR to communicate more effectively, support your marketing campaigns, reduce your advertising costs and ultimately wow your customers so that they will spread the word.

Our Public Relations Services

Light Art Studios offers expansion orientated Public Relations Campaigns. We use our expertise to do the following and more:

  • Uncover organisational issues that may harm your Public image and relationships with clients
  • Brand creation and positioning that grows your business
  • Product and service positioning that communicates instantly
  • Tailor the right message to the right public in order to get a response
  • Build trust and acceptance in your brand and products so as to support marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Build goodwill through the conceptualisation of and running of excellent CSI and related industry initiatives
  • Gather and compile exceptional customer stories for use in Success Campaigns
  • Manage and protect reputations while creating industry thought leaders
  • Create and grow targeted media interest awards
  • Setup and management of PR events, workshops and community activities
  • Social Media and Email outreach campaigns

To Get Noticed and Be Heard. You have to use Public Relations effectively

Contact Light Art Studios today! Public Relations done right.

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