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Need a Small Business Website? How about a Custom-Designed Corporate Website or E-Commerce Superstore? We've got you covered! 

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What is a Website?

"A Website is a powerful online communications tool that helps companies and individuals build and communicate with target audiences, generate leads and close sales."

Websites Designed to Solve Problems


Investing in website design & development is an essential step for building your online presence.

Whether you are looking to build your personal brand online or you are a company looking to grow your online audience and reach, a professionally designed website can be one of your greatest assets.

Light Art Studios focuses on using website design to help you solve problems.

Need to convert website traffic into leads? Conversion optimized design is what you need.

Want to sell your products online? eCommerce Design will help you achieve this.

Do you want your articles to rank high on Google? Speed optimized design is the answer.

In fact, professional website design can help you with an almost endless number of problems, some simple and other more complex.

What Type of Website Do You Need?

There are many different types of website. Each website type has a particular focus or is suited to a particular customer need.

Do you need a blog, e-commerce store, enterprise-level corporate website, or how about a closed intranet?

What is a Pre-Designed Website?

Website design is not the same as website development. Both form essential parts of the website building process.

A pre-designed website can help reduce some of the costs associated with building a website.

Do You Need Custom Website Design?

Do you need to solve specific problems related to websites and growing your brand or business online?

We offer a comprehensive custom website design route for companies and individuals who understand the true potential of a website.


Why Do You Need Professional Website?

"You can either help Facebook build their digital assets which you will never own or control or you can invest in your website, a powerful communications tool you can own and control."

Get Found!

If you don't have a website you will never get found in search engine results pages. Success in business requires you to be everywhere, especially on search engines.


Does your business look professional? A cheap, low-quality website gives the impression that your products and services are cheap and low-quality.

Build Trust!

Successful, well-established companies tend to have quality websites. A professional looking website design helps your business look established and builds trust.

Market Share!

A website is an amazing tool for growing your audience and turning visitors into customers. Gain more lead opportunities and increase your customer base.

The Right Website...

What Kind of Website Do You Need?

Personal Website

Personal Websites

Personal websites are websites suited to individuals. They commonly include blogging functionality and may be used to build a personal brand, share a hobby or just share your thoughts and ideas.

Business Website

Business Website

Business websites are probably the most common type of website. Typically, they share information about a business and it’s products or services. They often feature a blog to help provide useful information.

Ecommerce Website

ECommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites are becoming increasingly popular for both businesses and entrepreneurs looking to sell online. Tap into this amazing opportunity and ever-expanding global shopping trend and grow your market.

Brochure Website

Brochure Website

A Brochure website is really a simplified version of a business website. Typically it covers basic info about a business and its services and is only updated periodically.

Blogging Website

Blogging Website

A blog focused website is one where the main focus is the regular posting of articles and content aimed at specific audiences. Blogs are excellent communication tools to build an audience.

Author Website

Author Websites

Author websites combine personal branding focused design, audience building communication tools and often e-commerce tools to help authors expand their readership. 

Portfolio Website

Portfolio Websites

Portfolio websites are typically those used by artists such as illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, painters and any creative person who wishes to share their body of work and gain exposure. 

Elearning Website

eLearning Websites

eLearning Websites are amazing tools for training companies looking to reach larger audiences as well as for companies who want to better manage staff training. In fact, an elearning website is perfect for anyone who wishes to pass on knowledge and get paid for it. 

Media Website

Media Websites

Media websites focus on providing up to date news and commentary. If you have a particular industry focus and want to build a niche audience then a media website may be the perfect website for your needs.

Step-By-Step from Beginning to End

How does our Website Design & Development Process Work?

1. Provide a Design Brief.

A Design Brief is a document given to us, the website designers & developers by you, the client.

It outlines the design specifications, the overall website design concept, and the intended website usage, design timeline, and goal of the site that you are requesting from us.

Websites fail most often due to a failure to communicate between client and designer.

It is our responsibility to be upfront with you regarding any issues or shortcomings with your website design brief as well as provide recommendations to handle them.

2. Design Scope & Quotation.

The Creative Director now reviews the Design Brief and works out how much time and what design resources, if any, will be required to turn the design concept into a final design. 

It is important that your Design Brief provide as much information and context as possible as well as any required branding guidelines in order to accurately estimate what is needed to complete the project on spec.

We provide exact quotations rather than time estimates to avoid nasty surprises*. If we underestimate the time needed then that is our mistake.

*That said, scope changes made by the client after the quotation has been accepted or changes that are regarded as unreasonable may add additional charges that will be communicated upfront. 

3. Accept or Reject.

Once the Creative Director has provided a Website Design Estimate, the ball is back in your court.

For many client's, acceptance comes down to cost rather than quality.

However, it is important to realise that the cost of having to re-build a poor quality website or a website that fails to perform because it was missing key features is usually more than the cost of building a website right the first time.

Thus, while the cost will always be a factor, it is more important to base acceptance on confidence that the website will meet expectations and performance needs

4. Deposit/ Payment.

Depending on the size and scope of the website being requested, we may request a deposit with the final payment being due prior to the site going live.

For small website projects that can be produced faster, full payment may be required.

Once you have made the agreed-upon deposit or payment, a timeline for completing the initial draft website design will be provided.

5. Concept to Final Design.

Now your website designer & developer goes to work to produce the website you have requested.

Once the draft website design is completed you will be able to review it and request changes if required.

The designer will then apply any requested changes and finalise the site design and prepare it to go live.

It is important that you provide your feedback and changes as quickly as possible as this will allow us to get back to work and complete your website faster and so avoid delays.

6. Quality Control & Feedback.

Before the final website are presented to you, we have to complete a quality control checklist. The site will then go live to you once any needed corrections are made.

Once delivered, you will be requested to provide final feedback regarding the quality of the website.

This is a very important process as open communication leads to better websites which benefit both designer and client.

Until we have received your feedback we cannot consider the project to be 100% completed.

We believe in 100% satisfaction and should you not be happy about something then we need to know so that it can be corrected.

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